“I have been at Cerna Valley House. I felt great. It’s like heaven. Quietness … calmness, great people. I liked to sit on the water’s bank and read.”
Pipereanu Tania
“Although we stayed only one night, it was enough to make us come back again. Wonderful hosts, wonderful landscape, very good food.”
Marlen Gheorghe
„Bun gust, curatenie, intimitate, amabilitate si o adevarata echipa, toate acestea incadrate intr-un tablou superb cu care natura nu inceteaza niciodata sa ne surprinda!”
Lorena Mihaela
“Great location, cleanliness, dream landscape and really hospitable hosts with a lot of common sense. I kindly recommend it. Thank you for the hosting and we are looking forward to come back soon.”
Stefania Ghighici
“Extremely beautiful! Everything at superlative! The accommodation, food, landscape, and also the hosts are great people! We are looking forward to come back soon! Thank you, beloved people!”
Paul Gogoseanu
“An excellent location in every respect. Thanks to hosts for hospitality! We will come at the earliest opportunity.”
Stefan Ionica
“A quiet place, an oasis of fresh air, the whisper of Cerna River literally at 2 steps, the pension with common sense, very clean, delicious food and the people, the hosts, are the ones who consecrate that place, being hospitable and kind persons, in a single word, I loved everything. It is a pension where we are looking forward to come back soon!”

Radu Andrei

“Excellent location on the bank of Cerna River in a dreamlike landscape, quietness, cleanliness, everything organized with common sense. The hosts are hospitable. This is a place where you can relax and rest. We will definitely come back.”
Alina Albina
“A great location, everything is very beautiful and clean, the hosts are extremely welcoming and kind, the food is really delicious, the landscape is beautiful, the whole location is an oasis of peace.”
Teodora Ghimpu
“A gorgeous place. Everything is great from the location, view, hosts to the rooms, the dining room, and so on. The attention for details has confirmed this fact. I recommend the location.”
Elena Bardinici

„Un loc superb.Totul este minunat de la locatie, priveliste, gazde pana la camera, sala de mese etc. Atentia la detalii si-a spus cuvantul. Recomand.”

Anca Alexandra
“I was there at the beginning of summer, everything is splendid. We are trying to come back now at the end of autumn, to see the landscape. I wish the hosts all the best and may all their wishes come true!”
Mircica Neiculescu
“I spent a wonderful weekend here. The landscape is very beautiful; Cerna River passes by the pension. The pension is well-groomed and organized with common sense. The hosts are particularly hospitable and friendly, and there is plenty of delicious food. I recommend Cerna Valley House.”
Cristina Stana