Tourist Attractions


The God’s Bridge

The God’s Bridge from Ponoare represents a legendary place, being in the same time one of the three natural bridges in the world and the second as size in Europe. In the proximity of this tourist attraction you can find a cave waiting to be explored by tourists: Ponoarele Cave, the place where people use to say that there lived Aghiuta. The legend also says that when the people from this area have remarked how Aghiuta suggested them to do bad things, they asked God to chase him and thus then he looked for another place to practice his bad power.



The cenotes from Mehedinti area represent a real advantage for this quiet area. And the places have a special charm because of the vast meadows and because of the limestone pieces which have been naturally sifted, from place to place. The cenotes represent a perfect way of relaxing and discovering the gifts offered by nature for all the patient tourists, the way to the cenotes starting even from Cerna Valley.


Tamna Gorges

The persons who love mountain hikes and adventures can choose a route in this area which is called Tamna gorges. Although there is no water, this mountain section offers a spectacular landscape, in the area of Mehedinti mountains. The route on the gorges represents a place which wakes up all our senses: from the eyes pleased by a dreamlike landscape, until the taste buds excited by the aroma of the rough and cold air entering the lungs.


The little village from Cerna Mountains

A spectacular place where the heavy cape of the time has fallen – as we could shortly describe the isolated little villages from Cerna mountains. They have a special charm being disconnected from the modern world. Nobody is in a hurry here. The holiest connection is the one with God and with nature. If you want to forget about the already trivial daily life, we invite you to discover the little villages from Cerna mountains, finding out the story of the old people hiding in their modest houses and the story of the places which seem to be frozen in time.


Vanturatoarea waterfall

Vanturatoarea waterfall is situated in Cerna mountains, being one of the most visited places from our country. The place is appreciated for its uniqueness, and also for the dreamlike landscape from this area. The name of the waterfall comes from its flowing style. This one has two successive water falls, interrupted by a threshold, fact which determines it to look like sweeping. Besides, Vanturatoarea waterfall is considered as a smaller sister of the famous Angel Waterfall from Venezuela (the one representing in the same time the highest waterfall from all over the world).


Baile Herculane

Is one of the oldest resorts with a curing role, appreciated by the people who need a medical treatment or to relax. At the same time, in the area of Baile Herculane you can do mountain hikes. The mountain Domogled waits from the people willing to find fresh air and adventure.


The medieval fortress of Severin

Initially built in 1233, the Fortress Severin is considered to be the most important stronghold, strategically situated on the Danube’s shore. It survived the attack of the Ottoman empire, Tatar empire, Bulgarians and Hungarians who wanted to conquer Oltenia area. The fortress has a special historical value and a legend saying that there is an underground tunnel at the gate which goes towards the other part of the Danube.


Saint Ana Monastery

Besides the beauty of the culture place, Saint Ana monastery hides a tailor workshop, a library and Pamfil Seicaru Museum. The monastery represents a well-looking place preserved by nuns, being built in 1936. The people who stopped here said that they were charmed by the beauty of the flowers and by the fresh air entering their lungs.


The Danube Gorge

At a distance of 40 km from Cerna Valley House there is an excellent area for adventure. No matter if you want to see the landscape or to enjoy the quiet time during a fishing trip, The Danube Gorge represents the ideal destination to do this. Don’t forget to do a boat trip on the Danube or a walk in the National Park „Portile de Fier” – The Iron Gates. You can also admire the statue with the face of Decebal or you can find your spiritual peace at Mraconia Monastery.


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